Top Ten Under $10…Full Face Makeup!

Before it was a YouTube Tag it was here on Life With Aly!

Yeah you got that straight we called it Tuesday Top Ten Under $10 – but who wants to wait a week for some beauty bargains so of course it’s all over the web by now but ladies (& my few fab gents) you know your girl (ME) has been bringing you the bargain beauty from the start….but hey they more the merrier! So without further ado let’s grab our ten bucks and go shopping.

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1. Primer – Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer ($8.00)
I’m a firm believer in ALWAYS wearing primer. It protects the skin & creates the perfect canvas for your makeup. This isn’t a silicone primer, it has more of a creamy consistency like moisturizer – You can find this in regular & it’s also available in 2 Illuminating shades.

Aly Tip: Mix a bit of one of the illuminating primers in your fave foundation & you can create a cheaper version of L’Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup! 

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2. Foundation – Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation ($7.29)

Now I don’t know if this truly can take you through 25 hours but it can last you through a long day at work & happy hour.  This is a full coverage foundation & it can be matte if set with powder but generally gives you a natural look. Consider this the Goldilocks drugstore foundations.. Not too Matte and not too dewy…. it’s just right.

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3. Concealer – Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer ($8.99)
The shade selection isn’t too broad (Fair, Light, Medium & Honey) but they also sells a neutralizer & & a brightner version. The applicator is a dream. This product is so great I’ve seen it in the arnesal of makeup artists…. now you know if it’s good enough for them us mere mortals must follow.

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Image Courtesy:

4. Powder – Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder ($9.99)
Available in 6 shades, the usual kinda suspects Light to Dark shades. This powder is very light but get’s the job done. I use it with a tampered brush in the lightest available shade to set my concelear. Match this with you skin tone & apply with a Kabuki to set your foundation for an all over do. It performs perfectly for either tasks. I was hesitant at first since I think the “naked” tag has been a little overplayed… usually means little to no coverage but Revlon did do a great job with this powder. It will set your over $10 with tax so it’s sorta a cheat on my part but it’s totally worth it. More the powder than the foundation….. After trying it I would pay more than $20 bucks for it – I love that it’s light I can i use it under my eyes with no settling in those fine lines I hate acknowledging & it doesn’t look cakey… what else can you ask for??

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5. Bronzer – e.l.f. Studio Baked Bronzer  ($3.00)
These bronzers are the perfect combo of sheen and matte… which I guess would make them a natural looking (DUH) – They are available in 4 shades, the lightest (St. Lucia) is great for fair skin or as a subtle highlight for medium tone – a punch of highlight if you are dark skinned. I’m adoring Los Cabos right now as my contour color.

Tip: e.l.f products can be found at your local target & Harmon if you live on the east coast BUT I always recommend their website as top choice since it has the best selection & kick ass sales, discounts & promotions.

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6. Blush – Milani Baked Blushes  ($6.99)
These babies are makeup must haves & for 7 bucks why not buy a few! A little will go a long way so your hard earned cash will stretch. Corallina is a the perfect must have coral color for your cheeks (& a personal have).

Tip: More of a word of caution these blushes contain glitter/sparkle so if you generally aren’t a glitter fan this product is not for you. 


7. Eye Shadow – NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadows Singles ($4.50), Love In… Palettes (All $10.00) & Smokey Shadow Palette/Natural Shadow Palette (Both $7.00)

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Quite a mouthful right? I guess the point I’m trying to make is that for $10 or less NYX gives you a huge array of choices for shadows! The intensity, wear & last of the colors is also nothing to scoff at, especially if used along with one of their lid primer NYX Eyeshadow Base ($7.00)!

Look at that threw a little extra product in there ’cause you are after all my loves!

NYX is Available at, Ulta/, selected Sears & Harmon Discount Stores. Ulta always has the best deals so check ’em out before heading elsewhere!

Tip: Before you over splurge on a NYX Palette pick up two of their singles… if you are into neutrals two matching coppers of a lighter and darker shade. They also have a great Matte Singles Line! 

8. Lashes – Ardell Lashes Natural Lash Black 124,
Glamour Lash Black 116 or  Lash Accents (All Are Under $5.00)

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 5.58.04 PM

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Image Courtesy:

Options are really endless when it come to false lashes, you just have to find what fits your fancy. If you are a first timer start with the accents and work your way to a natural full set. Once you have the hang of it the sky is the limit for you luscious lashes!

Tip: If you already are a false lash adddict check out where the more lashes you buy the more you save! 

9. Mascara –  Maybelline Volum’Express The Rocket Mascara  ($5.99)

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

This became a favorite product as soon as I bought it. It will add ridiculous volume to your lashes…. I’m talking “are you wearing false lashes?” One coat is all you need but a few additional sweeps  will take you to glamour status.

 Tip: This is a Two-fer! Combine this with your favorite lengthening mascara for ridiculously stunning lashes. Volume First… Then a few coats of length … Repeat till you achieve desired results! Also if you live in the U.S. the cheapest place to get it is Walmart… if you can, stock up…. These puppies fly off the shelves.

10. Lippies & Glossies – NYX Round Case Lipstick ($3.99), Butter Gloss ($4.99), Mega Shine Lip Gloss ($4.99)

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I swear I am not paid by NYX! They are just a great brand when you are on a budget. Their round lipsticks come in 100+ colors, their butter glosses in a dozen shades; the Mega Shine Lip Glosses are available in 40+ tints. The lipsticks are super creamy & moisturizing & the butter glosses so light they almost feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all…  Their glosses do have a bit of a sticky tendency but nothing extreme just the usual texture.

Tip: If you are new or not too into lip color start with the Lip Butter Glosses… they feel very light on your lips, almost like  wearing nothing at all…. Great if you HATE the feeling of lipstick or lipgloss!

 There you go hope you enjoyed the latest Top Ten Under $10…

What are you gonna pick up? Do you have a fave Top Ten Under $10 product? Let me know! Remember you are always free to to this post on your blog and promote in the comments below!For more great beauty bargain products do search “Top Ten Under $10” on YouTube! There are so many great products out there to discover it’s always great to get the insight of such a HUGE YT Beauty Gurus… Click Here for a quick search I did.



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