Shopping Spree At The Drugstore

I love browsing the aisle of drugstore makeup sections. It’s like a scavenger hunt that will make me look prettier at the end! So needless to say I always leave with a bag of goodies. I stopped at CVS for one of their BOGO (Buy One Get One) sales – here are my purchased treasures.
I included regular pricing for each item & also included links in case you want some extra product information. I found everything at CVS so expect to find all this stuff at your regular drugstore/discount stores. 
Let’s Get Going!

Bought & loved the Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer & wanted to try this stick version. I’m generally not a huge fan of Covergirl but I adore Olay! They always have the best & latest skincare setting the bar high for drugstore products. Curious to see if this will be best only on covering blemishes or if it can work for the under eye area as most stick concealers don’t perform on this area… we shall see.

I have a ton of liquid eyeliner options but not a lot of gel liner so I picked this up. I like gel liner because it’s not as shiny as it’s liquid counterparts, a softer option to a hardcore cat eye. Also like the brush that came with this seemed to actually be pretty good which is shocking for a drugstore product. 

L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner ($8.99)

I’ve been lining my waterline with black liner for as long as I’ve been wearing makeup…. So you;de think I would have a HUGE array of pencil liners… but no. Currently I use Collistar Professional Eye Pencil in Black (Purchased in Italy) & Too Faced Perfect Eyeliner in perfect black . Both are a higher end options & I been looking for a cheaper alternative to use & recommend. This L’Oreal one looks like my current go-tos so now I just have to see if it performs like my faves!

CVS Brand 100% Cotton Facial Large Pads ($5.49)

 This was more of a necessity purchase. I usually use cotton rounds….like 10 of ’em every night when I take my make up off. In an attempt to curb my amount of waste I wanted to try these larger pads. The are about the size of my hand… maybe a bit too big but I’m going to see how it goes. They were relatively cheap and the cotton is sturdy material so it should be good for some serious scrubbing.
I already use this and love it – purchased a backup. Will probably go back & get 2 more as they were $2.99 – usually around $6.00. Sprinkle this powder on your hand, rub your palm together (you will feel the powder gets sticky), apply on your roots & POW! Big hair – it’s really that easy!  

Nivea Lip Butter Kiss Tin ($3.99) 

I am a chapstick snob & I’m not ashamed to admit it! I am more picky about my lip balm than I am about any other piece of makeup that I own… I do love my EOS balm balls (lol I kinda said “I love balls”) but I feel like they are best as a base for lips in the process of makeup not as a lip treatment…. They are dry yet moisturizing… but sometimes I need that luxurious creamy butter feeling & these ones hit the spot. So far my fave is the Caramel Creme Kiss – which I have in my purse. The Smooth Kiss I keep on my night stand. My only gripe with these is that I hate dipping my fingers in the itty bitty cute lil tin – It feels Germy! But I’m willing to see if the superiority of the product will turn me!

There are 2 things that will get me to buy almost anything…. A “New Product” sticker & and “Allure Best Product” stamp! Take a look at the pic & figure out which one sold me! I’m a big fan of facial wipes & aside from the magazine endorsement I was intrigued by the soothing properties of this product! 

One of my latest YT Obsessions, MissJenFabulous mentioned this as one of her must have products in her All Drugstore Makeup Tutorial ♥ Valentine Date Night tutorial (Click Here For MissJenFabulous’ Video). Rose gold is still golden hot right now & this pigment can give you a tinge of tint or all-out-glam look – just depends on how much you apply.  

CVS Oral Pain Relief for Teething ($4.99) 

You must be thinking “Oh gee how uh-dore-a-balls she bought a little something for her baby’s pain…” Um NO I have no babies nor anyone that would need gum relief in my home… So why do I need Oral Pain Reliever? I wake up & go to sleep with very strong headaches because I grind my teeth. These headaches make tweezing my eyebrows in the AM intolerable –  so I spread this on my brow section (being careful not to get it in my eyes), wait 10 minutes or so, clear the gel off with a cotton pad with toner (or cleansing water) & get to a-tweezin! This helps numb the section making it less painful (NOT painless) to pluck.

Eylure Katy Perry Oh Honey Day To Eve Lashes ($7.99) 
Purchased these more for a beauty comparison. Want to see if there is a dupe for these $8 falsies… yes I know they are “only” $8 but if you can get the same exact thing for $4 why not! This kit came with an small glue… curious to see how they apply & wear as these lashes didn’t create much of a buzz on YT or blogs.

Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover ($6.49) 

I have been on a eye makeup remover kick lately looking for the best ones out there. I have used Lumene products before & I love how gentle they are.
The big question is how will this “delicate” perform on the toughest waterproof mascara.  

So there is! My itty bitty CVS haul…
Well According to My Fiance’ NOT sooo Itty Bitty! 
Have you tried anything I purchased? 
Anything that’s a drugstore must have you want to tell about?
The Leave A Comment Below!
Love, Kisses & Godspeed Dolls!
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10 Responses to Shopping Spree At The Drugstore

  1. I always love reading your haul posts! Such awesome finds here!

  2. Hunter87 says:

    Great haul.~Jazmin

  3. Aly(ce') says:

    Thanks Jazmin… Can't deny I feel a bit of pride when others like my hauls! Makes me feel like I was justified in spending the cash!

  4. Aly(ce') says:

    Thanks Doll! Can't wait to read your post on the new hair!

  5. I discovered your blog and I am loving it. I am an actress/ cosmetic salesperson at Saks NY so I am makeup obsessed! The Loreal pencil you bought is great! I was tired if spending dept store prices so I bought this one. Is even better than my usual MAC pencil. Is very intense and it stays. Buying it again.

  6. Aly(ce') says:

    Hey Monica! Fellow New Yorker I luv it! I'm so happy you enjoy the blog it really means the world to me! I have been ADORING the L'Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner – it's crazy dark & long lasting! I usually set my inner liner with a black gel liner to have it last longer but this doesn't need anything it stays on it's own! Amazon' drugstore buy definitely!

  7. I think I just became obsessed with you and this web site. Obsessed in a good way of course.: )

  8. LifeWith Aly says:

    Hi Tiffany! OMG you totally made my day! 🙂

  9. I just found your blog and omg i love you!!! You made me so happy!!!! A lot of the items you have blogged about loving i use and love myself!!! I feel justified in all my crazy make up buying/having ways!!!! Awesome thank you!!!!

  10. LifeWith Aly says:

    Hi Sarah! I LOVE YOU TOO! Thanks for following my crazy cosmetic ramblings! I started blogging so I could reason (to myself & my fiance') why I spent all this cash on makeup… what can I say we are girls and sometimes that's all the justification we need! XO

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