Beauty Tips & Tricks! The Stray Hair

Ever had this happen to you – you are styling your hair when you go over a piece of hair with the flatiron and your hair comes out weird…. so you try again and nada. And then again… and once more and all your end up with is that part of your hair that drives you nuts all day! The steam you see is your hair’s moisture & reason your hair won’t cooperate is because you sucked the living day lights out of it. Solve this by spraying your hair with some water – very light mist.

IMG_2748Walmart has great spray bottle that dispenses a the perfect amount or a Evian Spray Bottle will do. Evian Spray

Spray your hair, enough for it to be moist but not drenched – let it dry and go at again with your weapon of choice! . now yo should be good to go!

A Tip From Me To You! Pass it On!


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