My Makeup Bag AKA The A-Team Mobile Unit!

Hello Dollz!

In order to make sure that I’m using and testing all the products I purchase, I pack a makeup bag every weekend to use all week at work. My everyday makeup routine, when it comes to my day job, pretty much stays the same all week. Now I’m a mobile girl – always in motion. I never put my makeup on at home in a crazy effort to get more sleep!

So Here What’s Packed In The A-Team Mobile Unit AKA my makeup bag!

I’ve listed the products in the order in which I apply/use them – with all brushes & tools at the end!

Sorry This Is A Mouthful But Worth It!

Hard Candy Blotting Papers
($5 Available @ Walmart) 

I haven’t tested a wide array of blotting papers so my comparison horizon is very small, but they do come in a bunch of different colors & suck up the grease from my face…. So as far as blotting papers go these get the job done.

Stila Stay All Day 10-In-1 HD Beauty Balm
($38 Available @, Sephora & Ulta) 
Beauty bloggers were ranting & raving that this was hands down now of the best B.B. Cream out there… This one shade fits all balm definitely lives up to it’s claims; It’s long wearing, minimizes pores and helps reduce redness. I do one layer all over my mug and then I go with a second hand if there needs to be a little extra coverage. BUT it smells awful! Like warm plastic & wax. When you put it on your face it smells but as it dries the smell goes away… but it has still managed to stink up my whole makeup bag! 

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer in Light/Medium
(Full Kit Starts at $29 Available @
I got this in a sample program I receive (more on this to come) and I really really like it! It’s very creamy and applies well. However Do not apply to this your eyelids as it does crease!

Laura Geller Crease-Less Concealer
($25 Available @ & QVC)

I use this bad boy on top of the sheer cover. Clearly I have some major under-eye issues! I also use this on my lids, since as it’s name points out, it doesn’t crease. It brightens the area and highlights my eyes. Definitely recommend this – I’ve already repurchased it!

i.d. BareMinerals Eye Brightener in Well Rested
  ($18 Available @ Sephora & 
This is my little secret weapon. It’s a constant repurchase & it last a while! I use this powder on my under eye circles after my concealer & it brings my eyes to life.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Buff Beige
($4.99 Available @ Drugstores) 
I like this very much…. It may too light for my skin tone so I will purchase a darker shade. The combo of this and a BB Cream did a great job on coverage that was decent but didn’t feel heavy. So it’s a winner in my book! 

bareMinerals All Over Face Color in Faux Tan
  ($19 Available @ Sephora & 
I got this when I was on the search for bareMinerals All Over Face Color in Warmth… Sephora had sold out & this is what they had. It was a blind buy that turned out to be a perfect purchase! My only gripe with this as it is with most BareMinerals products is packaging! The little salt shaker thingy they have is useless to me… I don’t know how to use it & it doesn’t work anyway! It’s like Russian Roulette… you never know which time you will open the little jar that for some unexplainable reason the powder will come BURSTING out!  All over your hands, clothes and surfaces! If you drop this or spill it on the rug or carpet forget about cleaning it up. It will never happen! Learn to live with the S&%t like stain that is left over as a reminder to be more careful!

bareMinerals READY Blush in The French Kiss
($22 Available @ bareMinerals)
Got this a while back & just got around to testing it out. It’s SUPER pigmented so when applying tap brush on the color, then tap to get rid of excess. This blush is available in 9 other shades…. The colors aren’t anything spectacular – names are cute but I’m not gonna wear the name on my face ya know! It’s got a long-wearing formula that supposed to last 8 hours. It does stay pretty true to application for a good 8 hours – but that’s 8 hours sitting in a office mind you!
Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Beauty’s Touch
(Starting at $9 Available @ Drugstores) 
I bought this for my beauty Bonding BFF Kate of Kate’ Beauty Blog (Here). Finally I purchased one for myself. I use this as a highlight/second coat to my blush. It lights me up & so far so good. I’m going to purchase Amber Nectar as I’m looking for more of a highlighter – but this can defentely be build able as Blush…. or over your blush which is like how I use.

 CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara in Clear
($5 Available @ Drugstores) 
This is a holy grail product for me. I’ve been purchasing it as long as I’ve been wearing makeup. I’m blessed with Full Brows. It took me a few go’s to love them but I eventually embraced them. But thick or thin my eyebrows have ALWAYS been unruly! This clear mascara doesn’t clump or dry white & keep my burly brows in place!

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Black
($18 Available @, Sephora & Ulta)
Got this with Too Faced’s Return of Sexy Eye Shadow Palette (Check Out My Review Here) it’s jet black, shiny and soft! It’s waterproof. Im always looking for a long lasting waterline eyeliner & I think this one really hits the spot. I put it on at 7:30am and don’t have to re-apply until 6 hours or so have passed.

Sephora Collection Eyelash Curler in Silver/Black
(No Longer Available) 
Not much to say about this… Was it worth the price? Not really. You could buy one at the drugstore & be just as well off. Sorry Sephora!

Sephora ‘Tricks of the Trade’ Perfecting Lash Primer

($5 Available @

In my search for the perfect Lash Primer I got this puppy for 5 bucks on It’s not as amazing as my Urban Decay lash primer but for the price it delivers well! (Click Here To See Urban Decay Lash Primer Post). Application: One or two layers of primer, wait 15 seconds & start with your coats of fave mascara. DO NOT LET IT DRY before putting on your mascara – it will be more difficult to cover! 

*The 3 Following Mascaras All Came With The Sephora Brand The Lash Stash Kit That’s No Longer Available*  

Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara
(Full Size $21 Available @, Sephora & Ulta) 

This mascara has me perplexed. I love everything Too Faced but I’m the fence on this one. It has a rubber wand which I love – but the formula seems a little dry during & After application & you can tell when you have it on. I’m going to keep using it & update you dolls when I have finally come to a verdict on this mascara! 

Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara
(Full Size $20 Available @, Sephora & Ulta)
Now with this mascara I had a TON of expectations – Urban Decay has so many top notch products I thought this would be outta the park…. But it was not. The rubber & curled wand is great & it gets every lash, but halfway through the day I started seeing little pieces of the mascara under my eyes… BIG NO NO. Tried it on consecutive days & every single day the dried brittle tid  bits would end up on my face… Big Thumbs Down Sorry!Sephora Collection Advanced Lash Booster Mascara
($12 Available @ Sephora)
I’m not impressed. It’s a fine mascara but not my bag! I got this in the Lash Stash but I certainly would not purchase it separately for $12. It’s described by Sephora.Com as “An advanced mascara, scientifically proven to enhance four lash characteristics: length, thickness, fullness, and strength” – ummm it does what every other single mascara on the planet claims to do but you just plopped Advanced right at the beginning & made it twice as expensive. I will continue using it since I have it and can’t really complain about the mediocre job it does… it’s just average. The wand and formula are really like any other drugstore mascara you would buy– AGAIN don’t get me wrong it’s a fine mascara… but I don’t want to pay $12 for fine when I can get fantastic for under $6 with L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara. Gosh now I feel like I was too harsh…. Oh well tough S*&t – get over it!

L’oreal Colour Riche Balm SPF15 Rose Elixir
($7.99 Available @ Drugstores) 
I’m obsessed with Lip Butters. I like the color coverage, the consistency and the wear. Plus they leave my lips so moisturised!
I have purchase 4 other colors of this Balm, so clearly I’m all about it. They have light to medium depth so don’t purchase if you are looking for a full on lip tint.

Sigma Flat Kabuki F80
($16 Available @
Everyone was raving about this brush so I gave in and ordered it to see what all the hype was about! So far it’s been good – I use it to stipple in my B.B. Cream & it makes my coverage flawless. 

e.l.f. Studio Blush Brush
($3 Available @ Target &
I got this brush durinf g a %0% off Online Sale @ e.l.f – paid 1.50 for it. I use this to put i.d. BareMinerals Eye Brightener in Well Rested over my concelear on my undereyes. It’s picks up & distributed perfectly as it has a small head of hair!

Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush
($7.59 Available @ Drugstores & Walmart) 
I love my Ecotool brushes! The are leaps & bounds the BEST drugstore brushes. I use this humongous bad boy to bring some color to my mug with bronzer.  What else can I say? It’s fluffy & lovely… & who doesn’t love fluffy! 

Sephora Professional Platinum Blush Brush #49 
(No Longer Available) 
This is a good blush brush and one that you can tell will stand the test of time – I don’t generally carry my nicest brushes with me, but I haven’t found a brush that’s comparable to this one for a cheaper price. This is discontinued but you can find this similar one from the Sephora Collection the I.T. Angeled Synthetic Blush Brush for $35 which is around what I paid for mine… but at least this one is PINK!

e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush
($3 Available @ Target &
I think I write about this block almost every post I do! It’s my cheapest/most multiuse brush!

There is it Dollz!

So What’s In Your Makeup Bag/Mobile Unit?
Godspeed & Much Love!

Disclaimer: yeah yeah I bought all this stuff! 
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  1. LipJunkie101 says:

    WOW that's a lot of products but I guess since you're in media you need to have all that makeup. I've been meaning to try the L'oreal Balm, should chk it now. You've been nominated and tagged, check out my blog now.

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