Tag! Most Worn Summer Edition!

The Mission:
Identify Your Most Worn Summer Items…
From Head to Toe! 

The Tagger:

LipJunkie From LipJunkieRamblings! 
This Doll Gives Me All My Tag Ideas!
Mandatory Blog Visit! 

So Without Further Ado!

  Most Worn Summer Edition Tag! 

1. Most Worn Nail Polish?
Nothing new here for me, Essie Wicked..I stuck to my classic shade – it’s my go to shade! I’m sure My exes & current love would I agree that a varnish named “wicked” fits me well! 

2.  Most Worn Hair Product?
For this summer it has to be a tie between the Morrocan Oil Frizz Control & Dove Nourishing Oil Hair Therapy Detangler – I’ve blogged about both so for a more in-depth review Click Here &/or Here

3.  Most Worn Bag?
My Chanel Bag! It’s to die for! A Gift from My Loving Aunt Giulia Small But Fits a TON – I pack This Baby Up!!! Maybe in my next tag I will let you take a peek inside! 

4.  Most Worn Shoes?
I can’t narrow to one pair & please don’t make me!  My shoes are my children I can’t pick a favorite! Two pairs ruled the summer months & they each couldn’t be any more different from each other!  The First Pair are from Bakers & they are nicknamed “The Hooves” for the clicking sound they make when I walk!
The flats though were my savior as walking in NYC in 5′ Platforms is not always recommended!

The sandals are From Steve Madden.. So Sparkly!
(Sorry neither of these shoes are for sale anymore)

5.  Most Worn Accessory?
Sunglasses!!! Sunglasses and More Sunglasses! Cheap, expensive & everything in between! Here are my love duds for this summer!
6.  Most Worn Clothing Item?
My Black Wrap Cache’ Dress… For that matter any cache dress… they definitely rocked the summer months. I work a lot so my clothing is mostly office based! 

7.  Most Worn Foundation?
I don’t wear foundation during the summer unless it’s a big event. Been going B.B. Cream or Plain Faced. I’ve been trying out a few BB Creams so I didn’t have one that I rocked all summer long.I did wear foundation on a few special occasions and it was Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 05 Shell Beige .Makes me look even more flawless than I am! Just Kiddin… But not really! 
8.  Most Worn Blush and/or Bronzers?
Blush Happy Booster™ Glow & Mood Boosting Blush was one I used a lot during the summer. I gave my first one to my mom & repurchased for myself.I always complain about the price of Physicians Cosmetics but I always end up breaking & buying something they make…I guess that makes me cosmetics hypocrite! 

9.  Most Worn Lip Products?
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain & Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butter. The color options are great & I love that they leave your lips moisturized! Ready for some Kisses! 

10.  Most Worn Mascara?
FairyDrops Scandal Mascara Queen Mascara. I fell in love with this wand! It cups your eyelashes perfectly & covers every single hair!
Two swipes of this & you can seduce anyone with those eyes! 

11. Most Worn Eye Shadow? 
 During the summer I really try & have as little makeup on my face as possible. I’m one of those people who cannot deal with the heat. I have the very bad habit of touching my face constantly & more so when it’s hot. The hotter it gets the more I touch my face… Don’t ask me why because I don’t have a clue, so just like foundation I don’t wear a lot of eyeshadown during the hot months! But with all that being said, I was really into the Too Faced Summer Eye Summertime Sexy Shadow Collection! Lovin’ on the tropical Colors!

I Tag All My Beauty Bonding Buddies…New & Old!

Much Love & Godspeed! 


Disclaimer:  Usual Drill! All this sh*% is mine… Bought it all myself.

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2 Responses to Tag! Most Worn Summer Edition!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aly, You should consider trying MaryKay. I think you would love the light weight foundations and for summer, they have a tinted moisturizer that is awesome! The eye shadows, mascara's and lip products are outstanding! I'd love to help you find the best products for you…alm2000@hotmail.com

  2. Ashley says:

    Ah girl , as always I LOVE this post!! So cute , and lovin all those products mentioned , Im gonna have to try a few of them out 😉 ❤

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