Obsession Confession!

I’m Embroiled In A Love Story!
Long, Lean and with soft hair…
Bound to Be The Next Big Hit!
Problem is there are 12 of them & I can’t pick my favorite…

My Obsession Confession: 

Sedona Lace’s Vortex Professional Makeup Brushes with Zipper Belt
Cost: $89.95
Available Exclusively @ www.sedonalace.com

A set of 13 professional quality brushes in a sleek black zipper belt that can double as storage!
But to Love You It You Have to Get to Know It!

So Let’s The Brushes Do The Talking! 

Jumbo Fan – FB 01 
I was actually sold on this set by this Fluffy Bad Boy! I have other fan brushes but nothing to compare to this luxurious & luscious brush! I use it for placing highlight on my cheekbones!
Dome Contour – FB 05
Well the name says it all! I don’t think there was ever a more perfect brush for contouring… this coming from somenone who isn’t the best at contouring! The perfect little dome head gets just enough product to help your mug look slimmer!
Tulip Contour – FB 03
Sedona Lace says this brush is for contouring… but since I’ve found my happy place with the Dome Brush I use this one for blush. Go light though! This brush grabs a ton product so be careful not to apply so much blush that you look like a clown!
Flat Top Buffer – FB 07
You haven’t applied coverage until you have used a Flat Top Buffer! I use this for foundation & B.B Cream and it makes my skin look flawless! Don’t let the gunk build on this baby – Make sure to always wash after use! 
Detailed Shader – EB 21
Perfect for when you are trying to cover a small & precise point in your eye… hence it’s called the detailed shader! Also great if you want to pack on eyeshadow! 
Pointed Crease – EB 15
Use this puppy when you want to do a  Outer V Eyeshadow Technique! It’s perfect for getting a  focused product application! 
Bent Liner – EB 19
Instead of using the often useless brushes that come with your gel liners! Perfect application with the little bend giving you a little extra help!
Synthetic Blender – EB 13
I can never have enough Eye Blending Brushes and this is the queen to my collection! Now I have no excuse I will always have to have the perfect smokey eye!
Flat Synthetic – EB 11
I use this bad boy to cover my blemishes with concelear… better than your dirty little finger! 
Universal Blender – EB 09
The universal blender truly lives up to it’s name! It seems to be able to blend just about anything! I use this to contour my nose, blend shadow in my crease and to pat powder over my undereye circles & itty bitty pimples! I’ve been looking for mine all week & it’s MIA waaahhhh – So this pic is from Sedona Lace Themselves!


Angled Detail – EB 23
Everyone is loving up on the cat eye this fall & this brush will help you achieve it! I also use this to add some color on my lower lashes!


Capped L,ip Brush – LB 25
I always apply my lipstick first from the tube, to then blend it into my lips with my fingers… neither attractive or sanitary! Now with this lipbrush I will forced to stop! I love that it has a cap… makes it mobile
! Lipbrush you & I will travel the world!

Brow Spoolie Duo – EB 17
At first I wasnt too convinced but this brush. I mean I have a million spoolies & brow brushes did I really need another one? But I was pleasantly surprised. I like the firmness in this duo. Both brush & spoolie do a great job at blending out brow pencils & shadow, making them look more natural


Brush Belt

Great way to pack your brushes, fits all your new Sedona Loves & Has space for you other faithful brushes. Also has a zipper so it’s also great for travel… Easy to clean too! 


Image Courtesy – SedonaLace.com

Purchase seperately this set could cost you more than $100! It’s a great deal for great quality brushes! You could just have these brushes & be set!I don’t think the set is for someone just starting their makeup path – but it’s definitely a go for those that wear makeup every day. Yes they are luxurious brushes that a makeup pro would own… but dolls good brushes are the foundation of good looking makeup! Start slowly if you feel intimidated & purchase a brush that appeals to you!My favorite brushes from this kit have to be the  Jumbo Fan Brush, The Tulip Brush & the Dome Countour… but overall I’m truly in love with the set altogether! 

On a different note…
Around the beginning of the summer I was looking for some advice on Twitter for a comprehensive brush set to try out. It came down to Sedona Lace & Sigma. You may wonder why Sedona Lace, a smaller venture came out on top.
My decision came down to basic custumer service – Now please dont see this as a knock on Sigma it’s not, they have some great brushes! Now a days everyone’s budget it tight. Times are tough everywhere & for me a sticking point has always been feeling appreciated as a customer. Now when I tweeted that I was looking for new brushes the people at Sedona Lace had no idea who I was. Yes… some mild research would have shown them I was a beauty blogger but looking at their twitter feed it is apparent their interaction with customers is the custom. They got back to me & here we are! Not only encouraged my purchase but encouraged my feedback! With this company clearly the focus on YOU is not lost!
That’s My Two Cents Dears!
Love & As Always Godspeed!
Disclaimer: I purchase the above set of brushes… the fact that you think that someone could pay for my tongues & cheek opinion sorta makes me feel bad for you…. Don’t always think the worst of people! 


Sedona Lace Cosmetics

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  1. Nina says:

    Great review hunny 🙂 🙂 ninasbargainbeauty.blogspot.com

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