Top Ten…Eyeshadows!

It’s Time For a Tuesday Top Ten!

Today Your Eyes Are The Center Of Attention!

These Are My Top Ten Eyeshadows!

1. Too Faced Eye Shadow Duo In
Poodle Puff & Lovey Dovey 
(On Sale For $15.30 on TooFaced.Com)
The pictures don’t do these charming duos any justice. The pigmentation is great, smooth as velvet and with a bit of dazzle in the form of glitter.  Poodle Puff can give you a great neutral eye with a punch, while Lovey Dovey looks great on hazel/green eyes with popping Pink & Plum! 

Poodle Puff 

Lovey Dovey 

2. Wet n Wild Color Icon Trios in Sweet As Candy, Don’t Steal My Thunder & Silent Treatment!
(Available @ Drugstores) 
You all know how much I love my Wet n Wild eyeshadows! They are by far best bang for the buck! They are super pigmented & come in so many colors – A totally overlooked product at the drugstore! I picked these Trios to be in my Top Ten because I love the coordinating hues for a wide array of different looks with only three shadows! They also have everything laid out… This is for the Eyelid… This is for the Crease… this is for the brow bone… You can’t have simpler than that! But if you need more guidance turn the trio around & let Wet n Wild break it down for you with a simple how to! These 3 puppies are my favorite of all the Trios I have but there are so many options you are bound to find the perfect one for you!
Sweet As Candy 

Don’t Steal My Thunder

Silent Treatment

3. Make Up Forever Eye Shadow in Purple 92 & Turquoise Matte 72 
(Available @ Sephora) 

When I was a (fabulous) little girl I would watch my mom put on makeup & she would let me look at the little jars of bright eyeshadows… they were Make Up Forever. Now that I’m a grown (Absolutely Fabulous) woman I have some of those bright shadows myself! These are definitely worth the price – especially if you are looking for the deepest & truest colors… The hues are so intense that their color saturation affected the camera when I took the pictures of the swatches. In my eyes Make Up Forever Purple & Turquoise are two old school shadows that still know how to rock it today! 

4. MAC Eyeshadow Single in Brule’ & Shroom!
(Available @ MAC – Brule on Left, Shroom on Right)

Now these two bad boys may look the same to you BUT they are NOT! They are more fraternal than identical twins! Brule’ is a Matte Nude… very neutral skin color.. while shroom is a little deeper with a bit of sparkle! Can ya tell I love my glitter?!? Even on the days that I don’t wear a full eye look, I always layer some concealer topped with Brule’… Takes away that tired eye! 
I love these two so much all I have left is pan & no product to show you swatches! Must Get More!       

5. bare minerals eyeshadow in 1980s, Rockstar & Skyline
(Available @ Sephora & Bare Minerals) 

I have so many (too many) of these bare minerals eyeshadows! They have a HUGE array of colors, they don’t crease & they are super shimmery! You can wear them wet or dry – wet the color is deeper. Always use a primer with these puppies to prolong wear! They are easy to apply BUT be careful. These little jars are very sensitive & one wrong move & you will be covered head to toe in eyeshadow! If you drop them when they are open you will regret – I have a reminder “bare minerals eyeshadow smear” on my carpet!


6. L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow
(Available @ Drugstores) 

These pigments are in a class all their own ! They are highly pigmented, sweatproof & long wearing. Colors range from Taupe to Midnight Blue. The jars are also easy to open & unlike other pigments there is less chance of the shadow going everywhere. You can apply these with brushes but you fingers could do just as good! For a price under $10 with this much punch you cannot go wrong!
Drugstore Prices for High End Results!


7. NYX 10 Color Shadow For Your Eyes Only
(Available @ Ulta & 
I have a few of these NYX 10 Color Shadow Mini Palettes – but this one is definitely my top fave! Great combo of colors where you can go classic light or sultry dark! It’s about the size of an IPhone (Maybe a Bit bigger) so it’s fits in your purse if you want to retouch during the day or night…. or the morning after … Don’t  worry I don’t judge! 

8. Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics Pure Pigments Eye Dust in Starshine 
(Available @ Drugstores) 
This little jar packs one helluva punch! Dusted lightly in your tearduct it’s the perfect highlight! Can be worn alone as an eyeshadow to bring the eye alive! Careful when opening this little killer jar… It might pull a bare minerals on you & end up everywhere!
9. NARS Trio in Arabian Nights
 (Available @ Sephora & High End Department Stores) 
Love this for the Fall/Winter going out nights! The colors are deep and gorgeous…. Beware though this bad boy is packed with Glitter, so stay away if you aren’t into the sparkle!
10. Laura Geller Femme Fatale Baked Plum Eyeshadow Trio
(Available @ & QVC)
I really love this little trio – The swatches don’t do it any justice! Perfect Shades of Plum & Pink – Perfect for the fall! 

Also Worth A Shout Out….

Milano Runway Eyes in Antigua… 
(Available @ Drugstores) 
 This bad boy is best worn wet… as dry i won’t do much for you but wet it’s the most gorgeous shade of green ever! 

Rimmel London Glam Eye Shadow Trios
(Available @ Drugstores) 
Good price (Included this in my $20 Face Tag) & good combo of colors – Whether you like neutral or want to experiment with vibrant colors! I love these because they are a look in a convenient package – including a little help if you are new to doing a smokey eye! 




Maybelline Color Tattoo By Eye Studio
(Available @ Drugstores) 
Love these as shadow primers… going for a bronze look? Start with Bronze to The Bone for a deeper hue! Maybelline has also just released some limited Edition brand spanking new colors so keep your eyes peeled! 



So There You Have It My Luvs!

Your Tuesday Top Ten Eyeshadows!

What Are Some Of Your Fave Shadows?

Much Love & Godspeed!


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