Top Ten… YouTube Beauty Gurus!

Back With Another Tuesday Top Ten For You Dears!
This one a little different… YouTube Beauty Gurus!
We All Have Our Favorites & Often They Are Reccomended By Others! 
So What Better Way Than To Broaden Our Beauty Horizons! 
So Let’s Get Started! 
1. EmilyNoel83
This girl can do no wrong in my eyes! Emily has the refreshing honesty that’s missing now a days. Girl has a kick ass work ethic. She posts her YT videos and keeps her blog updated like no other AND she’s a morning show anchor! She does it all when it comes to YT videos – Reviews, Tutorials, Shopping List Ideas, Hauls… you name it Emily’s Got It! 

2. samanthaschuerman
I can’t begin to tell you how much of a doll this girl is! She is endearing and a pro makeup artist and you can totally tell by her looks! She is also a wifey & mommy – this lady does it all! She has “Friday Favorites & Fungeroos” where she breaks down her picks & no gos for the week. Plus she is one of those bloggers that cares enough about her viewers and readers to have an ongoing convo with them! 

3. LoveMelisaMichelle
Love her Foundation routines, makeup looks and monthly faves – She has a great mix of budget and some high end. She shows you million dollar looks on a dollars and cents budget – She is super funny, sweet and humble – Its also really nice to see a young mom/wife having fun & pursuing something that she is passionate about!
4. SaturdayNightsAlrite
 Now I found Karissa through a “Get Ready With Me” Video & was Hooked! Checking out her channel she gives simple advice on “How To Be A Good Blond”, “Keeping your Black Denim Black” and “How To Do Pin Curls”. I I love her TMI Tusdays where she answers questions from her viewers! She does the standard reviews, tutorials, outfits of the day and the like.  Her Confidence, Self Worth, Letting Go Video is a MUST SEE! 
 Aside from the fact that they have a british accent – which to me after living 7 years in London is an automatic “LOVE YOU”, these girls are some of the most talented women I’ve ever seen. They make the most intricate looks look simple! 
Can’t explain Pixiwoo… you have to see Pixiwoo! 
6. Makeup Geek TV 
I absolutely a-d-o-r-e Marlena! Love her weight loss videos and her makeup looks. She is an inspiration to people everywhere – she shows the tenacity of a savy business woman through her own product line, and the determination and struggle of every person trying to live a healthier life style!
7. GlamLifeGuru 
This girl is the definition of a sweetheart! I can’t pick a favorite kind of post from this amazing woman – just check out her channel and you will find something that speaks to you! I did really like a weight loss video that she did a couple of months back. It disclosed so much her personal life that you couldn’t help but adore the fact that she cares so much about her viewers that she is willing to be vulnerable. All of us struggle with our self image but not many of  face that struggle with 44,000 (+) subscribers!
8. LeighAnnSays
One of the only You Tube Beauty Gurus that often makes me laugh at loud! She has some great OOTD and her Friday Eve Posts which really cover it all – she is soooo funny! Plus she’s seems very easy going in her videos, there is something really refreshing about someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously! 
9. ThatGirlShaeXo
This girl does AWESOME reviews! She breaks down the who, what where and why of cosmetics! She’s always got the latest products and a ton of thought and advice on how to wear each item- her tutorials are also to be praised, very simple to follow! 
10. GossMakeupArtist
I’m Obsessed Goss Makeup Artist! I love his straight forwardness and the fact t that he’s man enough to do some looks on himself! Plus he’s bristish! I mean get a Fu*&^ng grip you know that’s a endorsement in and of itself!  He tells it like it is good or bad! Like his review on the Clarasonic Acne Attachment or when YT changed their setting – I don’t think there is anything more plausible and admirable than someone who thinks about other people and it’s clear this british gentleman does!

And Because I couldn’t stop at Ten you guys get extras!!!
They say you never forget your first! Julia was the first You Tube guru I watched and her videos still enthrall me like the very first time – her looks are so elaborate yet she makes them simple enough for anyone to do.
Another female entrepreneur and super mom – This woman bares it all! shows herself with no makeup and discloses deeply personal thing of her life – clearly she puts them up of discussion for the whole web world to see – i think of here as the modern “i don’t explain myself to anyone” kinda woman – not enough Casey’s/Still Glamorous women like her!
So There You Are Dolls!

Your Tuesday Top Ten YouTube Beauty Gurus!

Who Is Your Fave YT Guru?
Now Go & Subscribe To Their Channels!
You Won’t Regret It – Plus There Is Nothing Better Than Watching 3 Hours of Beauty Vids!

Much Love & Godspeed!

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1 Response to Top Ten… YouTube Beauty Gurus!

  1. Ashley says:

    LOVE them all , and watch their channels DAILY!!! They are all truely AMAZING people!

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