Aly Approved Must Have!


WEN Cleansing Conditioner
What It Claims To Do:
A five-in-one conditioning cleanser designed to improve hair’s health, reduce frizz, moisturize, add shine, and retain color. It contains no Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates,Triclosan. I don’t know what the hell Phthalates & Triclosan are but it sounds like they burn and don’t want them on my mane.
What’s It For? 
Your Hair Duh!!! 
 It’s for nourishing, healing,  moisturizing, smoothing, & softening your hair. It also relieves itching & inflammation of the scalp.  I like to sum up what WEN does  as it “Feeds My Hair”! After I’ve used it, even when my hair is still wet, I can see and feel a noticeable difference. It’s shiny, soft, fuller and just more healthy! You can see these results after the first time you use it – It’s Just that amaze-balls. I suggest you dolls go Here for more info on how to pick the right WEN Cleansing conditioner for yourself!”
How Do I Use It?
So ya wet your hair (DUHHH) then you apply the WEN cleansing conditioner. I do this in sections – Top  of Head, Sides & length of hair. I do about 21 pumps. 5 pumps for top of head, 3 and 3 for each side, and 10 for the length of my hair, massage it in for a few, run a wide tooth comb through it, and pin it up while you do your other business in the shower. The longer you leave it in the better it works!   Recommended Amout of Product (from Mr.Chaz Dean Himself is) Use 3-4 pumps per section for short hair; 4-5 pumps per section for medium hair; 5-7 pumps per section for long hair; For very long hair use 7-8 pumps per section – oh and pat yourself back for taking care and styling really long hair…. that’s like half your life takin care of that mop on your head! Kudos Doll!  Do not skimp on the product, if you don’t use enough your hair won’t get clean! Also don’t expect it to foam, it won’t… it’s consistency is that of really thick conditioner. If after the first time you use it your hair is greasy it means you Effed up and didn’t use enough product… you only have yourself to blame!

Pricing varies so your best bet is to check it out online. I can tell you that the best deal I have found for the line’s products have been on QVC. I have two of the 32 oz. Bottles on Automatic Delivery. Each shipment arrives approximately every four months – I get a new bottle every 2 months. I use the WEN by ChazDean in Tea Tree &  Cucumber Aloe. Seasonally WEN comes out with a new scent – usually in 16 ounce packaging, this summer I got Summer Mango Coconut (OMG SO GOOD) and I will probably order a few more bottles just to have once it is no longer available. 
How Do I Get My Hands On It:
You can purchase WEN on &, & Sephora stores have started carrying WEN but as of right now they only carry WEN in Sweet Almond Mint.16 oz Bottles start @ $29, 32 Once Bottles start at $49. You best deal and bigger selection of products will be on QVC Hands Down! Not enough young women take advantage of QVC and they have the best deals EVER!!!! Sorry for the side note I’m Very Passionate about my QVC!
Why Is This An Aly Approved Holy Grail Product?  
I have thin hair and a very dry, sensitive and problematic scalp. I cannot wash my hair often and I always have to be careful what kind of cleansing items I purchase, as a bad reaction could leave me struggling with dandruff or an itchy/burning scalp for weeks! WEN has been one of the only things that has helped rid me of my scalp issues. Before WEN I couldn’t even blow-dry my hair because the heat was too much for my scalp and it would burn like hell! Not to talk about the embarrassment of dandruff! I would get peeling on my front hairline, right on top of my forehead – so it was impossible to hide. I used to have my hair blown dry weekly at my hairdressers and she would use normal, yet very high quality shampoo, and I could feel a dramatic difference. My hair look greasy and dirty within a couple of days and it didn’t feel soft. With WEN I feel like I’m feeding my hair – it’s soft, well nourished & doesn’t frizz. I’m so passionate about this product that I bought a sampling box of WEN and I give samples out to my friends and family because I believe it to be that good! The WEN word MUST be spread. 
That’s your Monday Must Have!
Godspeed, Kisses & Love,
Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the above mentions companies. I purchase everything myself. These are my honest & blunt opinions – if you don’t like them sod off!
Just Kiddin Love Ya’ll! 
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