Obsession Confession!

I’m in Love… He’s Sexy… He’s Versatile…. 
He’s All Women Talk About &…
He’s a Pretty Palette!

Here is My Obsession Confession:
Too Faced The Return Of Sexy Eye Shadow Palette $48
Earlier this summer I swore up and down that I wouldn’t buy any more makeup for a few month…. Three days later Too Faced came out with The Return Of Sexy Eye Shadow Palette… I had to break my promise! Why you ask? Because it’s Too Faced!!! I love ALL their eye shadows I couldn’t pass it up! This bad boy has the works! 15  Eye Shadows, Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Black & Deluxe Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer – 

 Like most Too Faced products this perfect palette it comes with 3 get-the-look cards. The looks are The Ingénue, The Icon, & The Bombshell, each has a daytime & nighttime version.

So let’s get to it!

This palette’s packaging really had me at sexy! It’s got a HUGE mirror for a palette – which is convenient for those up close touch ups!J’adore the fact that it’s a hard cover and clicks closed…. which in Aly Land means it Mobile! Let’s be honest here many of us have to make the crucial decision every morning of 15 minutes extra sleep or makeup. I feel like this palette gives me both… I throw on a pair of sunglasses, put the palette in my purse and do my eyes when I get to work.  You don’t have to worry about it opening in your bag…I know this because I’ve been testing this theory  by luggin’ the palette around in my purse all week – NO DAMAGE. 

Trust me dolls you will be surprised how you will be rocking sexy eyes more often with a palettes you can pack! This is what I love about Too Faced! The look cards. Many dolls don’t dive into certain brands of makeup because they just don’t know how they could you use these colors! Mr. Blandino & Mr. Johnson (co-founders of the brand) understood that.


So Time To Break It Down & start taking a look at these sexy shadows!

The Ingénue
[an-zhuh-nooA stock character in opera, theater, and literature. She is a girl or young woman who is endearingly wholesome and innocent. Very similar to the girl next door.


NaÏve – Sand

Ingénue – Green
Innocent – Brown
New In Town – Gold
Casting Couch – Chocolate Brown
The Icon
[ahy-kon ] a legend, role model or superstar
Pink Diamonds – Light Pink
Icon – Violet
Divorcée – Silver
Hopeless Romantic- Fucsia
Primadonna – Dark Purple
The Bombshell
[bom-shel] An outrageously &/ exotically attractive female. A girl whom may make you tingle and look back twice. In other words, a goddess. 
7 Year Itch – Slate
Bombshell – Gray
Hollywood – Hunter Green
Maneater – Canvas
Beauty Mark – Black
The Extras:
Perfect Eyes Eyeliner – Perfect Black

Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer

The Verdict:

Awesome! Day & Night Looks – total of 6 tutorials courtesy of Too Faced and an endless amounts of looks you can come up won your own! Neutrals, Purples, and Smokey colors all very shimmery and well pigmented.  Again this is a Completely Shimmery palette so don’t buy if you only like matte – it won’t be anything you are into!  This palette is worth our every hard earned penny as Too Faced Always is! Great colors, with lots of diversity, amaze-balls pigmentation & bang for your buck! 15 Shadows, one eye liner and a Shadow Primer for $48??? The eyeliner alone would set you back $18 if purchased separately!
You Gonna Go Out & Get It?
Much Love & Godspeed!
Disclaimer: I Purchased the Above Palette Myself with my own money – But if my boyfriend asks tell him I found it on the floor! Oh yeah and these are my honest opinions thought often I have to curb my desire to use curse words in the blog… Fantastic sounds better when you say F&#*ing Fantastic!
All Definitions From UrbanDictionary.com


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