Top Ten Under $10…Hair!

Alright Dolls It’s Time To Hunt For That Beauty Bargain!
Grab $10 & Let’s Go Find Us Some Deals!
Another Edition of Tuesday’s Top Ten!
This One is Under $10 For Hair!

1.  John Frieda Collection Frizz-Ease Hair Serum ($7-$9 @ Drugstores)

Cannot go wrong with this product EVER. This was a game changer since the day it came out and it has been setting the rules ever since. I use the Thermal Heat Protection Formula @ the beach/pool. Before to protect my hair… shield my locks from the sun & after I’ve gone in the water. This will keep my waves frizz free so I don’t end up with a head that looks like an unkept bush!

2.  Not Your Mother’s Beat the Heat Thermal Styling Spray ($5.99 @ Drugstores)

There is a ton of heat protection sprays out there and of the ones that I have tried this has to be my current favorite! I really like the flowery smell – Some of you may find the odor too strong but not to worry since much of the scent fades as you style your hair. It not only protects your mane from heat damage of your various hair tools, but also blocks daily UV rays – which means this bad boy can double as summer hair protection at the beach or pool! Use on damp hair before blow drying or on dry hair before styling with a flatiron or whatever your daily weapon may be.  The distrubution from the spray bottle does a good job at evenly coating your strands – it’s a medium mist – somewhere between the fine mist of aerosol hairspray and the heavy coating of a spray leave-in conditioner. It does feel a bit sticky when you spray it on so make sure to comb through your hair carefully!  

3.  Hairspray: TRESemme Tres Two Spray Ultra Fine Mist Hair Spray ($4.49 @ Drugstores) 

No drugstore hairspray can beat this! It’s got kick ass hold, doesn’t weigh your hair down, smells nice, it’s humidity resistant, it goes on dry and isn’t sticky! As far as hairsprays go this is THE ONE!  I have fine/medium hair and I love to rock some waves and curls. After I’ve done my do I give it a good spray and I’m done. It holds the curls/waves all day without reapplication! It also doesn’t make your hair stiff – you can still run your hands through it and it won’t affect the style. It leaves no white residue if you brush it out…. None of that white gunk that looks like lice littering your hair!

4. Deep Conditioner: Burt’s Bees Hair Repair, Shea and Grapefruit Deep Conditioner ($8.49 @ Drugstores)

If you are a nature girl this conditioner is for you! Made specifically for dry hair this bad boy contains Shea Butter & Coconut Oil the killers of dry hair. The only warning is that the smell is not for everyone. The combo of shea butter & grapefruit is not all round palate pleaser so sniff before you purchase! If it’s not your bag try Frizz-Ease Rehydrate Intensive Deep Conditioner ($5-$6 @ Drugstores) this stuff is intense… the longer you leave it the more it does. I put this on my ends braid my hair & keep it overnight… it’s not kiddin when they call this “Intensive”!  

5.  Dove Hair Therapy, Nourishing Oil Care, 
Detangler ($5.69 @ Drugstores)

  I wrote about this as a Monday Must have and I often recommend it! It’s a multiple use spray in my eyes. I put it on my hair after I wash it, I put it in my hair after I blow-dry it & I use it to refresh my hair on the days I don’t wash it! Smells Great & the price is killer! Read more on it @ it’s original Must Have Monday Post Here

6.  Shampoo & Conditioner:  Organix Shampoo & Conditioner, Nourishing Coconut Milk ($6.99 @ Drugstores)              I love this Shampoo & Conditioner in Coconut Milk! I now use a different hair regime because of some specific scalp needs but this was my go to when I used regular cleansers for my mane. It smells delicious!It’s so thick and luxurious that washing your hair will feel like a spa/salon pampering! 

7.   Hair Curler: Revlon Perfect Heat 1″ Curling Iron ($8-$9 @

This curler is da bomb! I have it in 3 sizes and I’ve been purchasing these since my freshman year in college! If you only buy one thought buy the 1 inch.  It does a great job creating waves or curles that don’t flop minutes after creation. I own two & one has been turned into a curling wand. All you need is a screwdriver. Take out the two screws on the side & the clap will come off… Voila’ Curlin Wand! 

8. Shine Spray: Garnier Fructis Haircare Sleek & Shine Sleek Finish 5-In-1 Serum Spray ($5.99 @ Drugstores)
I find this comparable to Morrocan Oil’s Glimmer Shine. They differ in smell, consistency & price but the end result is the same! Glossy Locks! $32 compared to $5.99 for the same luscious locks? SOLD! I really like Garnier mist distribution. It can be sprayed directly onto your hair… but be careful not to overdo it or you will end up having to tie your hair up or washing it all over again! 

9.  Brushes: Goody Finish Paddle Brush ($4-$5) & Style Ouchless Hot Round Brush ($7-$9) Both Available @ Walmart.
All I have to say is Goody Goody Goody! These are the only brushes I buy. My two favorites are these! The paddle brush can be used from brushing wet hair, to drying it straight with a lowdryer, and finally brushing it out on yourMarsha Brady Days (I just showed my age)! The Ouchless round brush is perfect for styling your hair… if your mop gets caught in the brush you are one push away from freedom. The bristles retrieve so you can set your hair free by pressing the top of the brush. 
Conclusion these Goody Brushes are Top Notch @ Bottom Prices! 

10. Conair Bun Maker 6 Piece Kit ($4.99 @ Drugstores)
This is my “Hair Won’t Cooperate” Savior. It helps you make the perfect full bun in under 5 minutes. It does take a few times to get it so don’t be discouraged if the first few tries your bun looks more like a scone! Keep on trying and you will hit jackpot. Check out EmilyNoel83’s You Tube How To Video on how she uses this product! Click Here For Em’s  Conair Bun Maker Video and don’t forget to subscribe… and while you are it do yourself a favor and check out Emily’s Vlog… Click Here & I’ll do you the solid of taking you there myself!   

A Lil Extra Something For My Blonde Bombshells Readers!
Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo & Conditioner (Both $8.49 @ Sally Beauty Supply) 
If you are a (dyed) blonde, have blonde highlights or blond ombre this is a lifesaver. The purple from the shampoo & conditioner keep your hair from getting brassy…. or as i like to refer to it “my hair looks like pumpkin hay”. I hate to keep saying it… but the only issue with this product may be the odor. This shampoo smells a little strong… like an old lady salon.I don’t mind it but it does linger in you hair – It’s a mind of over matter… If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter! 

Tried & Tested These Are My Top Ten Under $10 Finds!
Which Will You Pick Up?
Much Love!

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by any companies mentioned above. These are my honest opinions – if I want theirs go to their websites!

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