Aly Approved Must Have!

Philosophy Purity Made Simple, 
One-Step Facial Cleanse
What is It? 
A facial skin cleanser that cleanses, tones and removes all face and eye makeup in one simple step leaving your skin smooth.
What’s It For? 
When you get home after a 15 hour work day or after a night of partying? When you are so tired you just want to collapse? This is what you use to take all that War Paint off your Mug in one svelte swoop! It’s three in one. Makeup remover, cleanser and toner. Delicate on skin but killer on cosmetics. Wash your face (and yes your eyes since it won’t burn them)  and watch all the traces of  the smokey eye disappear leaving you with just a soft clean face.
How Do I Use It?
Apply to a dry or slightly damp face. Massage for 30 to 60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly… Voila’ Done! 

So What’s The Catch? 
Well, for once something that appears to be too good to be true, actually is!!  But, one tip to keep in mind… While this cleanser can do the job all in one step I would suggest this not be the onlymakeup remover you use. Cleaning your makeup off should be as much a ritual as putting it on.  Only giving your face one rinse through is like taking a shower with your clothes on… See what I’m getting at here? For example, I occasionally use one round of Philosophy Purity Made Simple & aid the process with a washcloth and I’m good to go!
Available in 5 sizes here is the cost breakdown; 3oz is $10.00, 8oz is $20.00, 16oz is $32.00, 24oz is $40.00 & 32oz is $49.50.
How Do I Get My Hands on It?,, & at The best bang for the buck is QVC, that’s where I get mine from, I have the 32oz bottle on Auto Delivery, so  I never have to worry about running out of my favorite face cleanser.
Why Is This An Aly Approved Holy Grail Product?
It is by far one of the best face washes out there. Strong enough to be used alone and to wipe away every trace of a fully made up face, yet it’s delicate enough to use over your eyes and feels soothing on your skin… and it’s worth every penny! Now how many products can you say that about?
That’s your Monday Must Have!
Godspeed, Kisses & Love,


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