Tuesday’s Top Ten Under $10… Full Face Makeup!

Top Ten Under $10 (Make Up) 
Get Your Ten Bucks and Head Out…
Let’s Get Us Some Make-Up!
Tried & Tested These Are My Top Ten Under $10 Finds!

1. Mascara: L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Full-Definition Mascara ($4-$5)

This is one of the Best Drugstore Mascara’s (In My Humble Opinion),  a couple of sweeps of this luxurious mascara & you got killer thick, long and lush lashes! Having your peepers lookin like a million bucks for a mere $5.

2. Eye Shadow: Any Wet & Wild Eyeshadow! ($1.99-$6.99)

There isn’t one time I’ve purchase or recommend Wet & Wild Eyeshadows that I don’t hear the quizzical “Wet & Wild Really? The Cheap Shadows? Those Work?”. Do They ever! The color payoff is incredible! The shadows are thick and velvety from their singles to their palettes. Don’t even get me started on the color selection! The Best Value for money here is Wet & Wild’s Color Icon™ Eyeshadow Collection. This palette has 8 color-coordinated shades… they can be used together or separately. The possibilities are endless!


3. Foundation: L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Makeup ($7-$9) 

With 33 shades divided in Warm, Cool & Neutral Tones you are bound to find the perfect partner for your skin. The consistency of this foundation is thick but doesn’t overwhelm your skin… Use a few drops of True Match mixed with your fave moisturizer for a lighter tint or build on your mug for a more complete coverage! With all the options this foundation offers it’s a steal @ the drugstore price!

4. Blush: elf Studio Blush in Pink Passion ($3)


For a  price tag of a whopping three bucks this Blush sure packs the punch!! A dead on dupe of NARS’ Desire and with a savings of $25?? Umm This Bitch is down… SOLD! I was oblivious to this brand until stumbling upon it at Target… Now I can’t go a day without looking at their website! A good way to experiment with color without killing your budget.


5. Cosmetic Brushes: Eco Tools Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set 

Can you say fluffy & Soft?? If I didn’t know any better I would think these were high end brushes! Aside from the wide variety the company offers this 6 Piece Eye Brush Set is all you will need to for a Smokey eye, a Sparkly or any kind of  DAMN eye you want!  

6. Powder: Milani Mineral Compact Makeup  ($7-$8)
Wanna look flawless but not cakey? This is what you gotta get! This powder is Velvety smooth and glides on your face like a dream.  This Milani product is a powder foundation that I wear in a ton of ways… over my B.B Cream, over my full coverage Liquid foundation,  as a touch up powder, or worn alone for  natural looking coverage or I Buff it on with a kabuki brush to even out my skin tone and kill that oil slick called my T-zone!– Let me tell you I get my mileage out of those $7-$8 spent on this product.
7. Lipstick & Lipgloss: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks  ($7-$9) & Revlon Super 
Lustrous Lipglosses ($6-$8)

Can’t go wrong with a classic! Revlon was founded in 1932 and it still hits the mark 80 years later! Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks  have lots of different finishes… Crème, Matte & Frost, and, a HUGE array of colors. These lippies are Creamy, pigmented , go on smooth and makes your lips feel subtle and moisturized… all under $10. The Super Lustrous Lipglosses carry the same high standards! Shiny, not sticky and in some universally flattering tints! Both of these Revlon Masterpieces are True to The Tube Tint, layer-able and Affordable

8. Primer: Rimmell Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer ($8-$10) 
If you are looking for a silicone primer this is not for you… but if you like a more creamy consistency to your face shield this is the BOMB! My favorite drugstore primer hands down NO DISCUSSIONS! Keeps my makeup on all day… and I’m talking News Producer all day… From 2am till you take it off!

9. Concealer: Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer ($6-$7)

They don’t call this a heavy duty concealer for nothing… it is INDUSTRIAL STRENGHT! If it can cover tattoos it can cover the darkest of under eye circles, the deepest imperfection and the most stubborn of blemishes!  It comes in three shades Light, Medium and tan with a corresponding Concealer Pencil… and for 6 bucks a pop, do what I did and buy all three to mix and match for the perfect concealer whether you are mozzarella white or roasted from the sun! 
10.  Highlighter: Hard Candy So Baked 
Bronzer In Tiki ($7-$9)
A golden sheen highlighter with a rock star result for a bottom price! A close CLOSE match to NARS’ $28 Albatross, and what a glow it gives! I use it on my cheekbones to give me a sunny glow… makes me look sparkling… Kissed By The Sun! 

Next Week on Tuesday’s Top Ten Here at Life With Aly…
Top Ten Under $10 Face Products!

Godspeed, Kisses & Love,




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50 Responses to Tuesday’s Top Ten Under $10… Full Face Makeup!

  1. Where can u buy the Glamoflauge and the eye brushes??

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can get the brushes at wal-mart, but I don't know about the Glamoflauge.

  3. Aly(ce') says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Aly(ce') says:

    Hey Michelle! It depends if you live in the U.S. or not…. Like "Anonymous" mentioned (Thanks Doll _ Sorry I don't know your name!) you can find the EcoTools at Wal-Mart… you can also find them at Harmon Stores or online at drugstore.com. Hard Candy makeup is exclusive to Wal-Mart so you can find the glamoflauge concealer there also. If you live abroad both are available on Amazon.com (though they may cost a bit more) or you should do a makeup swap with someone from the states & tell them that's one of the products you want!

  5. Mama Love says:

    I got the Glamoflauge at walmart too it's the only concealer that I've used for almost 2 years now it's amazing!

  6. Jenn says:

    Only the "Super" Walmarts have it, not the mid-size or smaller ones.

  7. Aly(ce') says:

    It really is amazing right MamaLove?!? Sometimes I use it mixed with my face cream for a tinted moisturizer and it's uh-mazin that way too! Have you tried that?

  8. Aly(ce') says:

    Oh I didn't know it was only at Super WalMart Jenn! Thank you!

  9. lauraV says:

    I found the Glamoflauge at Walmart, had to drive to two different ones to find it. But it is awesome stuff, use it under eyes before putting on foundation.

  10. Aly(ce') says:

    Laura Now that's some serious Beauty Commitment Girl! I'm working on a Top Ten Under $10 Concealers sounds like you will love this post!

  11. Love this! I read it last night and had a dream about it when I went to sleep. Off to Target today!

  12. Taylor says:

    I think i'll try that glamoflauge!! i've heard about it once but never heard this good of reviews on it. Is it better to put it on with a brush or could i just use my finger?

  13. Aly(ce') says:

    Hey Taylor… with glamoflauge i prefer to use my finger as it is quite thick and can only benefit from the heat of your fingers. If you have large pores (like me) apply with you finger and stipple with a brush and voila' doll perfection!

  14. Taylor says:

    Ok I'll try it, thank you!

  15. Alieseah says:

    Has anyone tried using the glamoflauge to conceal tattoos? I'm just not sure what shade to buy since I'm fairly pale but my tattoo is thin black script. Should I stick to the tone that matches my skin or go darker to conceal the tattoo?

  16. Aly(ce') says:

    Hey Alieseah! I have tattoos as well and I have all the shades of Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer (& some other hard core concealers) – let me see what covers mine well and I will post it for you next week! Sound good? Aly

  17. Aly(ce') says:

    Did you end up getting it?

  18. Aly(ce') says:

    It really is amazing right MamaLove?!? Sometimes I use it mixed with my face cream for a tinted moisturizer and it's uh-mazin that way too! Have you tried that?

  19. Aly(ce') says:

    Hey Michelle! It depends if you live in the U.S. or not…. Like "Anonymous" mentioned (Thanks Doll _ Sorry I don't know your name!) you can find the EcoTools at Wal-Mart… you can also find them at Harmon Stores or online at drugstore.com. Hard Candy makeup is exclusive to Wal-Mart so you can find the glamoflauge concealer there also. If you live abroad both are available on Amazon.com (though they may cost a bit more) or you should do a makeup swap with someone from the states & tell them that's one of the products you want!

  20. Aly(ce') says:

    Laura Now that's some serious Beauty Commitment Girl! I'm working on a Top Ten Under $10 Concealers sounds like you will love this post!

  21. Sarah :) says:

    I saw that you listed L'oreal true match as your favorite drugstore foundation. I recently purchased this because of the rave reviews, but I am having the hardest time from keeping this foundation from sinking into my pores! I use a primer and I even use Benefits POREfessional to help, but nothing is working! Any suggestions??

  22. Aly(ce') says:

    Hey Sarah! I had large pores on the side of my nose (not saying you do) so I know how frustrating that can be. I've also tried Benefits POREfessional but I didn't get the results I was hoping for. Though I have not had the same issue with the True Match – i have with other foundations. Try applying with a brush, or beauty-blender-type-sponge. Tap instead of swipe. I also learned this trick online – with powder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD5zX-i0Srk. I do a combo of all these things. What also helps for me is a thick concealer under my foundation. I use an ELF one as sort of a primer on the pores. If you are interested I can do a more in depth post for you on my Ask Aly section of my blog.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Would you compare the Milani Mineral Compact to the Mac? What shade are you? (if you don't mind me asking)

  24. Aly(ce') says:

    Hey – I've never tried the MAC Mineral Powder. I do like this as it's thick and velvety! I wear 103 Creamy Natural. The Milani Mineral Compact definitely is a more full coverage powder. Milani also has an Even Touch Powder Foundation Powder that's just as good but with a lighter coverage. I took pictures and swatches for you to look at & posted them on my Tumbr – Check out the caption for product names. http://lifewithaly.tumblr.com/#/post/45542745082/beauty-question-anonymous-would-you-compare-the

  25. murf1224 says:

    What BB Cream do you recommend?

  26. Aly(ce') says:

    3 of my Fave BB Creams are: Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream in Medium/Dark, Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream (SPF30/PA++) & Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm. I posted swatches & pics for you on my Tumblr http://lifewithaly.tumblr.com/#/post/46031942044/3-of-my-fave-bb-creams-garnier-skin-renew-miracle. Garnier is very good for dry skin, leaves you skin very dewy. Lioele is an Asian BB & it's good for coverage if you have light skin & the the Stila one is a great everyday (medium coverage) BB… The Stila one has a strange smell so you might want to go to Sephora and take a whiff.

  27. Leigh Ann says:

    Aly(ce'), what is a make up swap?????

  28. Aly(ce') says:

    Hey Leigh Ann – A makeup swap is when you trade beauty products with someone. You usually set a budget (say $50) and you buy items for the other person. It's a great way to try new makeup. I did my first one with Kate From Kate's Beauty Blog. She lives in Canada while I'm in the States. She sent me some great products that aren't available where I live. She wrote about how to do a make up swap right here: http://katesbeautyblog.com/how-to-do-a-makeup-swap/. If you also visit http://katesbeautyblog.com/u-s-canada-beauty-swap-u-s-package/ you can see what I got her on our swap. She has a great blog you will love!

  29. Have you heard or tried about Maybelline Fit Me Foundation?

  30. LifeWith Aly says:

    Hey Stephanie! I have heard of it but never tried it – I don't own it because reviews for that foundation (for my skin type, combination) are less than flattering… they are outright bad! It's best for dry skin and has light to medium coverage. Like I mentioned it's not for combo or oily skin as it tends to make you look greasy. What kind of skin type do you have? I have most drugstore foundations so I can recommend one for you if you like.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I just got my Glamoflauge at walmart the other day for $7

  32. Love your blog and went right out and bought the glamoflauge and some other things you suggested. One question… Do you know if Milani still carries the "compact makeup" mineral. The only thing I could find anywhere was the even touch powder foundation. I even checked their website :(. Also not sure if its true but the lady at one of the walmarts that didn't have any Hard Candy makeup said they stopped carrying it to now put in Flower Makeup by drew Barrymore. She said she thinks all walmarts will eventually do this swap 😦

  33. Marsha Ward says:

    Hi! I just found this on Pinterest and already love it! I'm a hairstylist so looking good every day is like part of my Job! Lol! I've been looking for some kind of heavier coverage and have tried SO many foundations, mostly drug store variety bc of cost, but I have 2 issues and having a wicked hard time finding one that addresses both…I have like a discoloration on my forehead, one side is lighter, I think its a combo of sun spots & a prescription cream I used for yrs on my face for psoriasis that I shouldn't have ever used on my face…steroidal!! Bad! But, that brings me to 2nd issue…psoriasis on my face! When it bad, it's red around nose,forehead,chin & as it clears its super dry & flakey so the makeup flakes off w it! Ughhh it's SO frustrating! Summer months help & tanning used to until the 'sun spots' appeared & got wicked bad! I'm DEF gonna try the hard candy concealer, but I don't think the Loreal foundation will work, it looks so light! Oh..the Fit Me IS TERRIBLE…it's like water & almost absorbs right into ur skin & is totally gone by noon! I've had the best luck w the Age Defy line but a B- at best & I so need an A+!! Lol! Any suggestions?? Thanks so much & can't wait to try the Hard Candy concealer! 😉

  34. I am currently studying abroad in Chile but I will definitely buy those products when I get back to the states. I just stumbled upon your blog and my host sister and I cannot get enough. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Saludos desde Chile! (Greetings from Chile!)Jessica

  35. LifeWith Aly says:

    Hi Jessica! Bless your heart you are too sweet! I'm so happy you and your host sister are liking my blog! Life has been so hectic I haven't been able to post since April but it's comments like yours that remind me why I started this in the 1st place so thank you so much for much needed (re)inspiration! E-Mail me and let me know if there is a certain post you guys would like to see!

  36. LifeWith Aly says:

    Hi Lesley! Sorry it took me FOREVER to write back. I did a little research and you are right the Milani Powder is discontinued. I'm looking into finding you a good dupe. Bear with me as I work my magic (lol) – I will post some alternatives for you on my Tumblr (I will reply to this comment to let you know when it's up. Or email me your contact info & i will touch base) As for your Hardcandy query I've put in a call & an email into Walmart to find out if what you heard is true! I haven't heard back but I'm thinking that since HC is still putting out new products that they are still going strong for Walmart… as soon as I hear I will let you know – I would be so totally heart broken if they stopped carrying it I love the Hardcandy Line!

  37. LifeWith Aly says:

    Hi Marsha! I'm happy you found me! I love that you are a hair stylist – you guys always know what's Hot before it becomes popular and you have really made beauty your life… I might ask you for some beauty hair tips!! My dad has psoriasis (which is almost under control now) that was so bad at one point it was painful to see so I understand ur frustration. Finding appropriate products is definitely is very important. I'm working on a post that's tailored to you and some products you can use. It will take me a few days but I will post it on my tumblr account for you. I will reply to this comment to let you when it's posted, let me know if you would you rather me just email you to let you know the post is up :). Sounds good?

  38. Breaker K says:

    DUDE. Wish I had known about Glamoflauge when I got married!! I got a nasty arm bruise the morning after my bachelorette party, and I went to Sephora to talk to the "pros" about something that would for sure cover it. I bought Makeup Forever's 36.00 foundation, and you could STILL see the bruise in my wedding pics. Shoulda gone to wal-mart, never thought I'd say that! I'm super glad to know about this now, thank you! Got here from Pinterest. =)I love that you mentioned EcoTools, I have those and love them a lot. Best ones out there, in my opinion! Cheap, soft, and green.Also the L'Oreal mascara, it's great!

  39. LifeWith Aly says:

    Hey Doll! I'm really glad that you found the blog & even happier that you are enjoying it! It's funny you mention the covering bruises – I have a nasty scar on my arm that I'm trying to cover up for upcoming wedding & I've been trying a combo of corrector & glamoflauge. The MUFE HD foundation is amazing but definitely not to cover bruises! If you are ever looking a for a product recommendation leave me a comment on the "Ask Aly" page & I'll help you out. I tried to reply to your WEN comment but it was gone 😦 – it's nuts what you told me about how it didn't work for you! I had such a great experience i was floored! XO

  40. What is the Wet N Wild palette name that is shown?

  41. LifeWith Aly says:

    Hello :)! Adore your username cute and original. The Wet n Wild Palette I show (the one with close up and swatches) is Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection Eyeshadow Set, Comfort Zone 738. i's part of their permanent collection. Such an awesome buy…. no better bang for your buck! XO!

  42. Anonymous says:

    So the milani powder that you have listed is no longer available??? Who makes it?? Tried to find it at walmart, no luck.

  43. LifeWith Aly says:

    Hey! That seems to be the word about town – I was able to find it at my local CVS (2 different ones) but I cannot find it on the Milani Website. If you are in the market for a powder leave a question on my LifeWithAly Page just letting me know what you are looking for (full coverage or light) and your skin type (combo, dry, sensitive or what not) & I'll help you find the right powder!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Nevermind, i found it at meijer 🙂 whooo hooo 🙂

  45. LifeWith Aly says:

    Great Doll! That powder is AMAZE-BALLS! It's comparable to Benefit's Hello Flawless you will love it I'm happy you found it

  46. Can you help me figure out what kind of makeup to use? I want full coverage and my skin in pretty normal…

  47. LifeWith Aly says:

    Hey Kaela! Of course! I'm actually starting a new thing more focused on my readers where I write posts tailored to them. Like a weekly “Ask Aly” post but more specific and with more details. so you want full coverage and you have regular skin. No sensitivities or combo skin correct?Are you looking for a combo high end drugstore or one or the other? Do you want a primer to setting spray routine… so it would include an eye look and such? I'm pumped about this possible post! If you don't feel like posting deets on here you can always email me at LifeWithAlygmail.com. So looking forward to hearing from you! XO

  48. Lisa says:

    Hi, what is the eyeshadow palette that you put on your hand? I love those colors and want to get them ASAP!

  49. LifeWith Aly says:

    Hey Lisa! The palette is Wet n Wild Color Icon in 738 Comfort Zone…. you will love it & uhm it's under $5! You can find it at almost any drugstore. XO Aly

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